Friday, March 18, 2011

Pricking out and potting on seedlings

As soon as the first set of true leaves have opened the seedlings should be transplanted (Pricked Out)
This is a tedious but necessary task, however, with the aid of cell trays, as discussed in Seed sowing this task can be somewhat reduced.
What is being grown often determines what type of container the seedlings will be pricked out into.
Generally the larger the plant the larger the container, however do not be tempted to prick out into what eventually, will be the final pot size.It is much better to ‘pot on’ plants as they outgrow their container rather than do this.The most common containers are; Trays, Boxes, Punnets, Cell tray, and pots.In each case fill the container with a moist compost, prior to pricking out.Do not over compact the compost in the tray, it is better to just fill the container to its brim, tap the container on the bench.This should give all the compaction that is required.

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