Wednesday, January 19, 2011

February tasks

This is still a great month to work on your garden (if it's not too cold for you). Here is a list of suggested task for February.

The month with some really nice days, and really cold nights! Some of the warm days may tempt you to plant items that probably should not be planted during the month of February.

Tomato plants are often the veggies planted at this time. If you really want to plant tomatoes, you may want to use a product called "Wall-o-waters" these are see thru plastic columns that are filled with water and placed around your tomato plant. These are designed to help prevent your plants from freezing even in temps as low as 15 degrees f. Ask you friendly nursery for such a product.

Finish off your pruning jobs you may have started in January. The debate is still on-going as to use pruning sealer or not. I recommend using pruning sealer if you see evidence of insects or disease in the immediate area that you are pruning. If you notice no insect or disease activity, then nature will usually heal pruned areas.

Prune roses before February 14th, as a rule. The rose society recommends using Elmers Glue as an effective pruning sealant! Yes it really does work.

Remember when pruning the best rule of thumb is to have a reason for every cut you make.

You may fertilize your fescue, rye, or bluegrass lawns (cool season grasses) at this time of year. Use 16-8-8 containing zinc, sulphur, and iron, if it has been more than 6 weeks since you have last fertilized.

Grass & Sod maintenance tips.

You may plant fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, and roses now. Most nurseries will have a large selections of roses in late January thru mid-March. Make sure to visit early so that you will still have a good selection to chose from.

Rose Gardening Tips

Planting early in the season has several advantages.

There is less stress on plants.
Most plants need less watering at this time of year due to the low temperatures.
The roots begin to grow rapidly because of the warm soil temperature. This will help kick off your plant to an early start before our dry spring winds begin to start.

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